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Wudang Kung Fu
Fundamental Training,
Sequence, and Martial Applications
by Zhou, Xuan-Yun

Wudang Kung Fu Fundamentals Revealed For thousands of years, the Wudang arts were kept secret from the outside world. This program shows, for the first time, the fundamental training practices used on Wudang Mountain. This one-on-one lesson offers detailed instruction of a warm-up routine, and the basic stances, punches, and kicks of Wudang Kung Fu. The fundamental Wudang Kung Fu sequence is also taught with practical martial applications. This program offers deep insight into traditional martial arts training, no matter what style you practice.

Wudang Mountain in central China is a physical and spiritual sanctuary. Covering over 300 square kilometers, it has 72 peaks, breathtaking lakes and rivers, and a forest with over 600 known medicinal herbs. Home to dozens of temples, it is the world's largest Daoist center. Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches people to live a refined life, in harmony with nature.

The monks of Wudang Mountain centuries ago blended Daoist concepts with traditional Chinese fighting arts, integrating physical and spiritual practices, and internal-style Wudang Kung Fu was born. Wudang Kung Fu emphasizes flowing and agile movements, designed for self defense. It develops a strong root, proper body alignment, efficient movement, and a relaxed body and mind.

Features performances by senior YMAA Instructors Nicholas C. Yang and Adison Martin.

Wudang Kung Fu Fundamental Training D1316$39.95
Home > DVDs > External Martial Arts DVDs > Wudang Kung Fu Fundamental Training
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