DVD Upgrade Program
Save 20% - 30%

This is a MAIL ORDER only rebate program.
Read this entire page. It can effect how you participate in this program.

A Unique opportunity to upgrade from VHS to a DVD edition, and you can save 20% - 30% off the DVD edition by following these simple rules:

I want to upgrade my VHS to a DVD
  • Cut out the ISBN bar code from the VHS Box or the VHS Color Cover. The bar code reads ISBN: x-xxxxxx-xx-x
  • Mail the bar code with your order to: YMAA Publication Center, Attention: DVD Upgrade, PO Box 480, Wolfeboro NH 03894
  • Click Here to see current shipping information.
  • Tell us where you purchased the VHS
If you originally purchased the VHS from YMAA, we will give you a 30% discount off the matching DVD. If you originally purchased the VHS elsewhere, we will give you a 20% discount off the matching DVD. If you don't remember, we can check our records. Our findings of your original purchase location are final. Discounts are based upon the published list price.

Important Details About This Program
YMAA DVDs can include One, Two, Three or Four VHS programs.
  • For a One Program DVD send one bar code from the corresponding VHS
  • For a Two Program DVD send two bar codes from the corresponding VHS's
  • For a Three Program DVD send three bar codes from the corresponding VHS's
  • For a Four Program DVD send four bar codes from the corresponding VHS's
    If you don't send the required quantity of bar codes, we will reduce your discount accordingly.
    Please check our website or product catalog for details regarding the number of VHS programs included on any DVD.
    The Fine Print YMAA is offering this program because we appreciate your business and are sensitive to the cost of upgrading from VHS to DVD formats. We feel that this is a unique opportunity for our customers and we feel good to have such a program available. It is our hope that everyone can benefit from this offer, both new upgrade customers and those of you that have already made the upgrade to DVD. You are encourged to call or email our office if you have any questions or concerns. 800 669-8892 / YMAA@aol.com
    YMAA has the right to deny your request for this upgrade if: 1) A photocopy or phoney barcode is sent rather than a real barcode. 2) The upgrade demand is not in accordance with the good intention of this offer. 3) The VHS was purchased at a discount greater than 40%.
    This program is not available for resellers.
    This program's discounts are based upon a product's full list price, not promotional or web pricing.
    YMAA retains the right to stop this offer at any time. This upgrade program is active for only as long as it appears on this website.

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