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Tai Chi Connections
Advancing Your Tai Chi Experience
by John Loupos


Tai Chi offers you the prospects of better health and vitality, peace of mind, and increased stores of personal energy. To realize this potential you must delve into the world of Tai Chi minutia, which is exactly where the essence of Tai Chi lays in wait for those ascribing to its regular and correct practice.

This book looks deeply into Tai Chi’s technical intricacies and nuances, offering guidance and practice tips, replete with step-by-step directions, on how to bring your Tai Chi to a higher level of correct execution. Seasoned Tai Chi teacher and author John Loupos offers wise and helpful guidance in a personable tone to help you recognize connections, feel connections, and keep connections. “Tai Chi Connections...” will help you to narrow the gap between where your practice is now and where you’d like it to go.

"Heaven and earth are both embodied in word and spirit in this book. A remarkable work." – Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., author.

"Loupos’ depth of experience, derived from over three decades of practice and teaching, is abundantly clear...His love for the discipline of t’ai chi streams from the page." – D. Kate Jewell, Reviewer, NAPRA ReView magazine.

"His work is solid and extensive." – Mary Lukas, Reviewer, Taijiquan Journal.

"With the help of Tai Chi Connections… students and teachers alike will receive practical guidance…" – Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., author.

"Loupos takes readers on a rich and multi-layered journey… to the inner structure of Tai Chi… so that we can open to the innate wisdom within our Tai Chi training." – Jampa Mackenzie Stewart, author/editor.

Some of the subjects included:

  • Opportunities within slowness
  • Attention/Intention as dynamic ingredients
  • Tai Chi as a path to congruence
  • Tapping into “earth” force
  • Putting the brakes on momentum
  • Unspoken nuances of Tai Chi stepping
  • Training tips to optimize your Tai Chi experience
  • Moral/ethical mandates of being a teacher

John Loupos is an accomplished martial artist, author and teacher. He seeks to encourage and motivate Tai Chi students everywhere to advance their practice and move unerringly along a path of personal growth and development.
John has practiced and taught martial arts since 1966. He has an expansive background in internal and external styles. He takes great joy in sharing freely of his wealth of knowledge at his school, Jade Forest, in Cohasset, MA. and elsewhere. His other books include Inside Tai Chi" and “Exploring Tai Chi
212 pages, 250 photographs, ISBN: 1-59439-032-0

Tai Chi Connections B0320$20.95
Home > BOOKS > Internal Martial Arts Books > Tai Chi Connections
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