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Tai Chi Chin Na By Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

SEIZE AND CONTROL SKILLS FOR TAI CHI CHUAN Hundreds of chin na grappling techniques are hidden within tai chi movements. You can achieve these seize and control skills by including Tai Chi Chin Na in your training regimen.

Here’s your chance to take the next step in your tai chi journey. Once you have attained proficiency in the bare-hand form and have begun pushing hands, you are ready for tai chi chin na.

The effective martial skills of traditional tai chi chuan. Tai chi chin na will help you include martial art skills in your tai chi training. Chin na, along with punching, kicking, and wrestling, is one of the four categories that are required in a traditional martial art.

This book provides a solid and practical approach to learning tai chi chin na accurately and quickly. You will learn specific techniques that flow from each movement, the proper hand forms to use when striking or pressing cavities, and the locations for targeting cavities on the body. Includes 858 photographs with motion arrows!

Tai Chi Chin Na B3075$26.95
Home > BOOKS > New Books > Tai Chi Chin Na
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Tai Chi Chin Na - New Books
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