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Surviving Armed Assaults
A Martial Artists Guide to
Weapons, Street Violence, and
Countervailing Force
by Lawrence A. Kane

Fair Fight? Not likely. Least of all from a criminal who is looking to make a quick profit at your expense. A sad fact is that weapon-wielding thugs victimize 1,773,000 citizens every year in the United States alone. Even martial artists are not immune from this deadly threat. Consequently, self-defense training that does not consider the very real possibility of an armed attack is dangerously incomplete.

Whether you live in the city or countryside, you should be both mentally and physically prepared to deal with an unprovoked armed assault at any time. Preparation must be comprehensive enough to account for the plethora of pointy objects, blunt instruments, explosive devices, and deadly projectiles that someday could be used against you.

This extensive book teaches proven survival skills that can keep you safe on the street. A multitude of real-life scenarios and case studies analyzing violent encounters will help you to internalize this crucial knowledge. Contents include:
  • Awareness
  • Avoidance
  • De-escalation
  • Countervailing force
  • Armed conflict
  • Managing the aftermath of violence
  • Weapon features and functions

If you are serious about self-defense this book is for you. Everyone, including experienced martial artists, security and law enforcement professionals, and concerned citizens will benefit from this vital information.

“The de-escalation and survival skills in this book will set your feet on the right path and put your head in the right place so you don’t become a shocking headline in your local paper, or a lead story on the six o’clock news.” – Kris Wilder, 4th dan black belt

“What an excellent contribution to the community! This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone walking the warrior's path, and anyone who is interested in this vital topic.” – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Director, Killology Research Group

"Surviving Armed Assaults is a terrific addition to any serious library of self defense books… I'll be drawing on some of the lessons learned here in future John Rain books." – Barry Eisler, author

“From the very first few pages I could tell that the book will be a classic. It’s the book I would have liked to have written and the sheer vast amount of information and supporting views is tremendous.” – Peter Consterdine, 8th dan black belt, co-founder of the British Combat Association

“At long last, a no-nonsense book on armed assaults! All serious martial artists should read this superb text.” – Iain Abernethy, British Combat Association Hall of Fame Member

“Kane's synthesis of the physical and mental processes of self defense and counterattack will make this book a must-read for law enforcement, security and self-defense specialists.” – Gregory A. Gwash, Chief Security Officer, The Boeing Company

“Tactics, training and mindset are all discussed; and all of this is presented in a simple and logical format with great anecdotes to illustrate the high points. This is a must read.” – Dr. Jeff Cooper, Tactical Medical Director, Toledo (Ohio) SWAT

“The book will spark your thinking of what you should or shouldn’t do in different scenarios, and then gives some practical solutions, weighing different ethical, moral, criminal and civil principles. Highly recommended!” – Vicky M. Stormo, Chief of Police (University of Washington PD)

“I heartily recommend Mr. Kane's book. It certainly has something for everyone from novice to master.” – Dan Anderson, 8th dan black belt, 2002 World Champion

Lawrence A. Kane is the author of Martial Arts Instruction (YMAA, 2004) and co-author of The Way of Kata (YMAA, 2005). He has also published numerous articles about teaching, martial arts, and countervailing force. Over the last 30 years he has studied and taught a wide variety of martial arts including Goju Ryu karate, kobudo, medieval weapons forms, and close-quarters combat (e.g., knife, gun). Working stadium security he has been involved in hundreds of armed and unarmed confrontations. Lawrence lives in Seattle, WA.
360 pages, ISBN: 1-59439-071-1

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