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Solo Training 2
Loren W. Christensen

In his follow up to the phenomenally popular Solo Training, Loren Christensen has dug down deep to come up with hundreds more ways for you to rev up your training at home or in the gym. Solo Training 2 kicks off with a focus on building your body’s core for stronger, faster and more effective grappling, kicking and punching. A strong core—your shoulders, chest, abs, hips, and back— is the source of your body’s power, speed and coordinated movement. As a martial artist, a strong core helps you get more out of your training and respond instantly effectively to the fast changing demands of competition or an explosive street encounter.

You’ll also get over 100 ways to work your combinations, cheat speed, improve accuracy, fight from unconventional stances, practice grappling when you can’t find a partner and get the most out of your mannequin bag. If hundreds of new training drills sound overwhelming, not to worry. Solo Training 2 wraps up with 8 workouts, each with a specific goal like the Free Hand Power Builder and the Boxer Workout. If you’ve read your copy of Solo Training to tatters, give it a little time off and dig into Solo Training 2, where Loren Christensen promises to take your fighting techniques and understanding of fighting concepts to a new level.

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Home > BOOKS > External Martial Arts Books > Solo Training 2
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