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Qigong-The Secret of Youth
Da Mo's Muscle Tendon Changing
& Marrow Brain Washing Classics
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Discover the Key to Enlightenment & Longevity!

For over one thousand years, the legendary Da Mo's timeless Classics have been considered the key to enlightenment and long-lasting youth. Now, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, one of the world’s leading authorities on Qigong, has translated and written commentaries to make these ancient and profound teachings accessible to everyone! Using ancient Buddhist and Taoist documents as its foundation, this book analyzes and discusses theory and training methods in a modern, scientific manner.

Improve your health and strength through the Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic). Work towards longevity & enlightenment with the Xi Sui Jing (Marrow/Brain Washing Classic). Qigong, the Secret of Youth is an invaluable guide for Qigong practitioners and Martial Artists who want to explore deeper levels of internal energy training.
  • Learn the keys to rejuvenating & reconditioning your body.
  • Discover methods for nourishing the brain and bone marrow.
  • Includes Qigong exercises & massage techniques.

"Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has given us a very lucid presentation of the ancient practices of Chinese Medicine. It is a most worthwhile contribution to the bridging of Eastern and Western medical traditions" - Herbert Benson, M.D. Harvard Medical School, author of The Relaxation Response and Your Maximum Mind

"Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming’s book is a major contribution to the literature of Chinese Qigong." - Master Mantak Chia, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Awaken Healing Light
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is a renowned author and teacher of Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Born in Taiwan, he has trained and taught Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese martial arts for over thirty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books. Voted by Inside Kung Fu Magazine as one of the ten people who have “made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.” Dr. Yang lives in Newton Massachusetts
This is the second edition of Muscle/Tendon Changing & Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung, published in 1989.

336 pages, 110 illustrations, 7 1/4"x9 3/8", ISBN: 1-886969-84-1

Qigong-The Secret of Youth (book) B841$29.95

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Home > BOOKS > Qigong Books > Qigong-The Secret of Youth (book)
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