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Qigong for Treating Common Ailments
The Essential Guide to Self Healing
Professor Xu Xiangcai

Finalist 2000 Category: Health Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award

Discover What China has Known for 1000 Years, Self Healing Works!

Wouldn't it be nice to stop common ailments before they happen? We can prevent many of them once we have the proper knowledge. This book, Qigong for Treating Common Ailments, provides a system for maintaining overall health while addressing specific problems with exact treatments. All natural, safe, and easy to learn, these exercises provide a life-long path to wellness! This re-edited edition, originally published by a university press in China, is essential for the home health library!
  • Protect & Strengthen the Internal Organs with Qigong Exercises.
  • Improve Circulation and Overall Health using Qigong Massage Methods.
  • Discover a Wide Variety of Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.
  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Practice!
"An excellent concise guide to the many medical uses of Qigong, useful for both professional therapists and self-healing practice. Its a short book that is long on valuable information." - Michael Winn President of National Qigong Association (USA), Author (with Mantak Chia) of six books on Qigong, including Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

"This remarkable book may prove to be one of the most important elucidations of Qigong theory ever printed..." - Bill Clement, Feng Shui Information Resource

"... the perfect addition to the health conscious individual's home library, and great traveler's companion. Its trimsize and practical approach make it a reference you want to keep with you at all times." - Roger Jahnke, Author, The Healer Within
Professor Xu, Xiangcai is President of the Great Wall International College of TCM, Associate President of Shandong University of National Culture, Standing Deputy Director of the All-China Society of English About TCM, and Professor at Shandong College of TCM. He is the Chief Editor of all 21 volumes of "The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical TCM". Xu, Xiangcai resides in Jinan City, China.
144 pages, 100 Illustrations, ISBN: 1-886969-70-1

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About Xu Xiangcai
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Home > BOOKS > Healing & Fitness Books > Qigong for Treating Common Ailments (book)
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