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Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Essential Guide to Understanding
the Human Body
Professor Xu Xiangcai

Wisdom from the East ...for Living in the West

Discover the foundation behind this fascinating system of holistic health based on several thousand years of real clinical experience.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a unique, comprehensive, and scientific system, maintaining that the root of a disease must be found, and that a patient must be treated according to their whole being as well as their surrounding natural conditions. Viewing the human as a single, integrated entity that relates with nature, TCM maintains that the human body is affected by any changes that occur in nature, and must be treated as such. Since its beginnings, not only has TCM been well preserved and documented but it has also been continuously developing and growing. Having remarkable curative abilities and few side effects, it is an effective means to prevent and treat diseases and to keep yourself strong and healthy.

Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is systematic, concise, practical and easy to read. Originally published in China, this re-edited edition (the 3rd book in our Practical TCM series) will provide you with the principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • Discover the principles of treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • Learn essential primary theories, such as Yin and Yang and the Five Elements Theory, as well as their use in clinical applications.
  • Discover the foundations for diagnostic methods.
  • Essential for today's alternative health library.

Professor Xu, Xiangcai is President of the Great Wall International College of TCM, Associate President of Shandong University of National Culture, Standing Deputy Director of the All-China Society of English About TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Professor at Shandong College of TCM. He is the Chief Editor of all 21 volumes of "The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical TCM". Xu, Xiangcai resides in Jinan City, China.
226 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN 1-886969-99-x

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Home > BOOKS > Healing & Fitness Books > Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (book)
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