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The Mask of the King - Storybook
As re-told by: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
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This book contains four short Chinese Folktales for children: The first called "The Mask of the King" is a tale about a king who removes the long-worn mask upon his face only to discover that his subjects can now see the 'real him'. The second story "A Blessing in Disguise" is the story of a wise man who knows not to become too excited by strokes of fortune or misfortune. The third "The Poison of Love" is a story about hatred being overcome by love. The fourth story "A Thief and the Bell" is about a wise judge using a clever trick to discover who the thief really is.
All these stories are based upon the oral folktales of China and contain strong moral messages. The drawings are original Chinese water paintings and the stories are retold by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.

52 pages, color. ISBN: 0-940871-11-4

The Mask of the King B114$3.50
Home > BOOKS > Children's Books > The Mask of the King
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The Mask of the King - Children's Books
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