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YMAA Publication Center was founded on January 1, 1984 with the goal of producing superior books and instructional videotapes on Qigong and Chinese martial arts. Its founder, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, has a dream. "I want to lead Chinese martial artists in the West back to their roots and help them to regain their original high level of skill and public respect. I also wish to bring Qigong training to the Western world and have it accepted by the Western medical society once and for all."

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS Each year during the holiday season, all mail delivery times slow down considerably as the number of packages shipped increases due to holiday season shipping. Probably you too have experienced this. Also, we are all at the mercy of a third party (the postal system). All YMAA can do is offer delivery schedules to their customers (as provided by the postal service) AND hope that the postal service can meet their stated delivery times. NOTE: the postal system does not guarantee delivery times. They post them as "likely" only.

YMAA's first suggestion to our international customers: During Holiday Seasons, allow extra time for your package to arrive. As of now, we are seeing 8-10 weeks to deliver International post. We are constantly in communication with our international customers. All are reporting back to us that their orders are arriving (albiet a bit late). So far, nothing has been lost.

What if you can't wait? If you are not in a position to accept a slow down in the global postal delivery schedule, then YMAA will do what we can to meet your demands. However, we will always suggest allowing extra time first.

Will we reship your order? YES.

Will we charge your credit card again? NO.

Will we upgrade the shipping? YES.

Will we consider your request unreasonable? NO (everybody's situation is different, and we want to do what it takes to satisfy yours).

What happens when the first order arrives? You will then have 2 identical orders. It will be requested that you return one of the orders to YMAA, or pay for it. This is the risk of requesting a re-ship before 10 weeks have expired. Please take that into consideration. There is actually a 99% chance that the first order will arrive.


  • Accepted Credit Card (MC/Visa/Am Ex/Dscvr).
  • Checks or Money Orders drawn on a US Bank and in US Dollars are acceptable.
  • Wholesalers: Call (800) 669-8892.
  • PRICES and AVAILABILITY subject to change without notice.
  • Orders received after 12:00 P.M. EST will be processed on the morning of the following business day (includes overnight and 2-Day orders).
  • GUARANTEE: All products guaranteed to your satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please call customer service (800) 669-8892.
  • UPS Next Day does not apply to rural locations, allow 2 days for delivery.
  • Signatures required for all 2-Day and Overnight shipments.
  • All International Post orders are shipped daily.
  • Packing slip sent with Shipment.
  • YMAA Publication Center assumes NO LIABILITY for International Duties or for delays of International deliveries due to Customs, Carriers or acts of God. All International shipments will be insured.
  • If you do not select a shipping method, we will contact you via email and your order could be subject to delays.


  • Damages Due to Carrier: If you receive a shipment that contains damages because the boxes were 'hurt', please notify us immediately! (800)669-8892. SAVE THE BOXES! because we might have to show the shipper before we can file a claim.
  • Damages Due to Packing: If you receive a shipment from us that was poorly packed, you can return the books for an exchange or credit. Poorly Packed means that the carton arrived in good shape but the product inside was bent/broken/scratched due to them sliding around. Call (800) 669-8892 and we'll give you instructions or you can follow the Return instructions sent with your invoice. We will refund freight for Parcel Post only. We cannot issue the credit until the products are received in our warehouse.
  • Misships & Shortages: We are sorry if this happens. It is a problem for everyone. You must notify us within 30 days. Call 800 669-8892 or follow the instructions on the back of your invoice.
  • Lost Shipments: Orders shipped via UPS or US Post Priority Mail can be traced. Contact us and we will begin the search. International Customers: Please be patient, Global Priority has been known to take up to 10 weeks to arrive. Even if your order is insured, tracing and collecting can take up to 12 months from the post office.
  • Exchanges: Give us a call at (800) 669-8892 to request a Return Authorization Number for the exchange.
  • Return Authorization: We realize that Return Authorizations are annoying but we issue them because we have to. To speed up the process you can give us a call. (Or follow the instructions on the back of your invoice). We'll need the invoice number! We will issue a Return Authorization only after knowing the reason for the return (i.e. Poorly Packed / Defective Product / Exchange). We cannot issue a credit until the products are received in our warehouse. No unauthorized returns will be accepted. All products returnable (in unused condition) for up to 30 days from time of receipt. Please send all returns to: YMAA Returns Center, 255 Long Beach BLVD., Stratford CT 06615.
  • Refunds processed in the form of a credit or check (US Dollars) within 5 days of receipt of your notice or return package at our warehouse. Call (800) 669-8892 or follow the instructions on the back of your invoice.

    YMAA SEMINARS: Annual Seminars: January, February, July, and August of each year. Taught by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. The program is designed to enable you to continue your training on your own or with a study group.

    YMAA Class Training: Call or write to receive a YMAA Class Schedule (617) 524-8892.

    YMAA News: Published four times per year, (posted online as a pdf download (www.ymaa.com)

    Private Lessons: taught by either Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming or one of YMAA's senior instructors. Rates vary and lessons are subject to schedule coordination. Call YMAA for more details (617) 524-8892.

    YMAA Publication Center
    PO Box 480
    Wolfeboro NH 03894
    1-603-569-1889 (fax)

    For information on opening a retail account, send an email to sales@ymaa.com