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Healing for Women Bundle
Take all seven for only $160.65

DVD: Qigong for Healing by Lisa B. O'Shea

In this easy-to-follow program, Lisa B. O’Shea demystifies this healing tradition in a logical, straightforward manner. You will learn to sense, to develop, and to control this subtle and pervasive spark of life, a skill that often leads practitioners to abundant levels of energy.

DVD: Qigong for Women by Lisa B. O'Shea

Lisa B. O’Shea teaches you how to understand the different aspects of your body’s energy, how to discover problems in your circulation, and qigong exercises to help you improve your health. Qigong (energy work) is a Chinese healing system that has been practiced for centuries.

Book: Sunset Tai Chi by Ramel Rones and David Silver

Sunset Tai Chi is a comprehensive introduction to using Tai Chi for stress relief. This mind/body program is designed for beginners and teaches how to calm down and recuperate from the stress of the day, thus preventing and healing numerous stress-related illnesses.

DVD: Sunset Tai Chi by Ramel Rones

Cool down after a long day! Master-teacher Ramel Rones gently guides you through a series of powerful mind/body exercises that will help you calm down, recuperate from the stress of the day, and use the energy of the setting sun to release tension.

Book: A Woman's Qigong Guide by Yanling Lee Johnson

Yanling Lee Johnson, a survivor of China's Cultural Revolution and a longtime Qigong healer and practitioner, addresses the stresses that women of all stages of life face, as they negotiate modern living. Let her teach you simple techniques for maintaining balanced health.

Book: Natural Healing with Qigong by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

In this book, Dr. Kuhn effectively explains and demonstrates how Therapeutic Qigong is a valuable and important adjunct to good health care. Her helpful directions and clear illustrations demonstrate this simple yet powerful Qigong routine that anyone can use to improve and then maintain their health.

Book: Simple Chinese Medicine by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Written for those new to natural healing, Simple Chinese Medicine gives you tools that you can use today to improve your quality of life and begin your healing journey. Based upon centuries old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), readers are provided simple-to-do exercises for stress relief, health maintenance, and cancer prevention.

Healing for Women Bundle KT3617$160.65
Home > BUNDLES > Healing for Women Bundle
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