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Fight Like a Physicist
Jason Thalken, PhD

An in-depth look into the physics behind martial arts. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or a curious enthusiast, this book gives you an “unfair advantage” by unraveling the complex science of effective fighting techniques and examining the core principles that make them work. Did you know?

  • Momentum is for knocking people over
  • Energy is for breaking bones and causing pain
  • A haymaker travels 3.14159 times farther than a jab
  • You are only an “object” when you are rigid

Fight Like a Physicist blends inquiry, skepticism, and irreverent humor—all while punching holes in myth and mysticism. Highlights include

  • Making physics your “unfair advantage,” in the ring and on the street
  • Examining center of mass, pi, levers, wedges, angular momentum, and linear momentum for martial artists
  • Reducing traumatic brain injury in contact sports
  • Exposing the illusion of safety provided by gloves and helmets
  • Overturning conventional wisdom on compliance during an assault
  • Busting up Hollywood action clichés

Fight Like a Physicist reads like a manifesto on the rational practice of martial arts. It’s intelligent, fun, and dangerous—and nothing short of iconoclastic.

Fight Like a Physicist (book) B3389$16.95
Home > BOOKS > New Books > Fight Like a Physicist (book)
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